Tiny Rectangle Price Tags for Jewelry Necklace Bracelets Earrings

SIZE: 1"x0.5"
ATTACHMENT: Includes 120 plastic barbs you attach by hand

hese custom made price tags measure 1" long x 0.5" and are rectangle shaped.

They will be custom printed with your shop address, and logo if it fits and is readable. Remember these are small and keep the design simple.


1"x0.5" Tags120$ 16.00
240$ 25.00
300$ 31.25
360$ 37.50
420$ 43.75
480$ 50.00
540$ 56.25
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Price Calculator

1. White2. White Linen3. Natural Linen4. Moonrock5. Kraft Brown6. Paper Bag7. Pluto8. Coral9. Rose Quartz10. Silver11. Gold12. Pewter13. Pewter (white ink only)14. Black (white ink only)15. Onyx (white ink only)16. Paper Bag (white ink only)17. Venus (white ink only)18. Neptune (white ink only)19. Saturn (white ink only)
1. White
2. White Linen
3. Natural Linen
4. Moonrock
5. Kraft Brown
6. Paper Bag
7. Pluto
8. Coral
9. Rose Quartz
10. Silver
11. Gold
12. Pewter
13. Pewter (white ink only)
14. Black (white ink only)
15. Onyx (white ink only)
16. Paper Bag (white ink only)
17. Venus (white ink only)
18. Neptune (white ink only)
19. Saturn (white ink only)
Total : $ 16.00
Unit Price :$ 0.13
Estimated Total : $ 16.00