Personalized Stickers 1"x0.5" for Jewelry Display Cards Packaging Sterling Silver Gold-Filled 14K Gold Stainless Steel Plated Customized


DETAILS: There are 480 stickers, they will all be the same color. You can choose up to (3) three metals to print on them. They can have 1-2 lines of text with up to 14 characters per line.

◉There are no proofs, check capitalization and spelling
◉Processing time on all orders is 7 business days after the date of purchase.
◉Not waterproof. Ink will not run if wet.

  • Can Print up to 3 different metals
  • Up to 2 lines per label with up to 14 characters per line
  • Will be split up into 3 equal quantities
  • Check all spelling, punctuation, and grammer 

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