We offer Gold, Silver, Glossy White and Clear printing on select papers and special product listings. See our link below to all products we offer this one. Here are some things to note about choosing a Specialty Ink:

  • This is NOT foiling, this is regular toner printing with special formulated toner made to provide the silver and gold metallic shine. It will not be as bright, shiny and flashy as Foiling. Foiling is a different process that we do not offer. See our sample images and videos on this page for examples.
  • Can you use your own artwork? Yes IF you have your artwork in vector format. Vector format is the ONLY type of artwork you can provide for Specialy Ink printing.
  • Why do I need a vector image? Your artwork needs to be in a vector format so that we can edit it to the correct values/color codes needed to print with specialty ink. Vector images are also scalable to any size and do not lose quality when they get larger and the best format for printing.
  • Can I use a .jpg .png .gif .bmp file? No these will not work.
  • The most common file format for vector art is .ai .esp .svg .pdf (sometimes non vector art can be included in these files, just because they have this file extension doesn't mean it is 100% vector art)
  • Can I have other CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black and every color in between) colors with my gold and silver? No, you can not have other colors mixed with the Specialty Inks. You can use Silver, Gold, Clear and White all together in one piece of art. See samples on this page.
  • Paper Selections:Specialty Inks are available on our Matte Black, Dark Blue, Kraft Brown, Smooth White and White Linen only.
  • Costs: Specialty inks have an upcharge of 10% of total price of the cards (before shipping and taxes). We send an invoice for this after purchase when the proofs are approved.