Hexagon Flat Top Earring Necklace Jewlery Display Cards. Your cards will have the shape shown in the first image.

  • Select your Size
  • Select your Quantity
  • Select your Paper
  • Build your cards CUT and HOLE selections
  • Upload your artwork
  • Let us know what text and fonts to add
  • Checkout and Submit orders
  • Wait for us to send you a digital proof of your cards
  • Approve your proof
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Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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1. White2. White Linen3. Natural Linen4. Moonrock5. Kraft Brown6. Paper Bag7. Pluto8. Coral9. Rose Quartz10. Silver11. Gold12. Pewter13. Pewter (white ink only)14. Black (white ink only)15. Onyx (white ink only)16. Paper Bag (white ink only)17. Venus (white ink only)18. Neptune (white ink only)19. Saturn (white ink only)
1. White
2. White Linen
3. Natural Linen
4. Moonrock
5. Kraft Brown
6. Paper Bag
7. Pluto
8. Coral
9. Rose Quartz
10. Silver
11. Gold
12. Pewter
13. Pewter (white ink only)
14. Black (white ink only)
15. Onyx (white ink only)
16. Paper Bag (white ink only)
17. Venus (white ink only)
18. Neptune (white ink only)
19. Saturn (white ink only)
Regular Holes Centered DownLeverback #1 Up HighLeverback #1 Centered DownLeverback #2 Up HighLeverback #2 Centered DownTwo Sets of Regual HolesThree Sets of Regular Holes
Regular Holes Up High
Regular Holes Centered Down
Leverback #1 Up High
Leverback #1 Centered Down
Leverback #2 Up High
Leverback #2 Centered Down
Two Sets of Regual Holes
Three Sets of Regular Holes
Horizontal Necklace SlitsVertical Necklace SlitsTwo Sets of Diagonal Slits
Diagonal Necklace Slits
Horizontal Necklace Slits
Vertical Necklace Slits
Two Sets of Diagonal Slits
Accessory Cut #2Accessory Cut #3Accessory Cut #4Accessory Cut #5
Accessory Cut #1
Accessory Cut #2
Accessory Cut #3
Accessory Cut #4
Accessory Cut #5
Bracelet NotchesPin Hole CenteredRing CutsKeychain Cut
Hang Tag Hole .2"
Bracelet Notches
Pin Hole Centered
Ring Cuts
Keychain Cut
Triangle Peg Hole Euro PegholeButterfly Peghole
0.25" Peg Hole
Triangle Peg Hole
Euro Peghole
Butterfly Peghole
Total : $15.00
Unit Price :$0.42
Estimated Total : $15.00