Premium Display Cards come in 17 different paper selections, Economy Cards come in 4 different paper selections but they are our thickest papers available. Paper weights are between 270 gsm and 352 gsm (100#-130# cover stock), check chart for details.

Economy Cards have the thickest paper selections because these are cut different from our most customizable cards. We are not able to cut the thicker papers using the other technique.

Dark papers can only have WHITE ink printing, we do not print color on the dark papers.


Premium display cards have over 20 different cut/hole options. Holes, slits, cuts of all kinds can be located anywhere you want them on the cards. We move the cuts to accommodate your product needs. View the chart below, it will explain all cut options and what products they work for.

Economy cards come with the cuts/holes shown in the sample images. They can not be moved or modified in any way. Your design will be placed around the set cuts.


Economy Cards Paper Selections
Smooth White (352 gsm/130# Cover)
Natural Smooth (352 gsm/130# Cover)
Kraft Brown (352 gsm/130# Cover)
Smooth Black (352 gsm/130# Cover)
Premium Cards Paper Selections